The EasternGen portfolio includes (i) three natural gas and dual-fired generating facilities located within the NYISO Zone J power market (Astoria, a 959 MW facility located in Queens, NY; Gowanus, a 640 MW facility located in Brooklyn, NY; and Narrows, a 352 MW facility also located in Brooklyn NY), (ii) New Covert, a 1100 MW highly efficient combined cycle natural gas-fired power generation facility located near Covert, MI which is expected to be interconnected to PJM through a dedicated transmission line in June 2016 and (iii) three natural gas-fired power generation facilities located in the PJM power market (Rolling Hills, a 850 MW facility located near Wilkesville, OH; Lincoln, a 656 MW facility located in Manhattan, IL; and Crete, a 328 MW facility located in Crete, IL).